There are many stories about the Great Italian migration to the Americas, but one of them has a lot to do with the existence of La Mia Italia.

The story goes that at the port, when saying their goodbyes and farewells, the italians had this ritual where those who were leaving the country in the ships would hold onto this long ribbon, while the other end would be in the hands of those who would stay behind in the land. As the ship sails, the ribbon would stretch up to the point it would rip and finally break. The bond was literally broken.

La Mia Italia was born to mend those bonds, honoring the stories of these incredibly brave people that crossed the ocean in hopes of a better life – and achieved that, so now that we are citizens of the World.

Genealogical Research in Italy

Are you aware of your italian lineage and would like to know more about your ancestry so to reconnect with your origins?
Or are you interested in get your italian citizenship recognized?

The first step is to find the records taken place in Italy, such as birth and marriage certificates.

To issue these documents it’s necessary to know their origin and exact original issuance dates. When this information is unknown, a genealogical research is needed to narrow down the 20 regions, 108 provinces and over 8000 communities to pinpoint where exactly your ancestor came from.

It’s laborious work that demands expertise and many hours of intense dedication, making it an intellectually challenging task.

You’re a fundamental part of the work’s success, rescuing documents of the acts that took place in the country which they migrated for as well as the families’ histories. Talking to your older family members and recovering memories is paramount.


Document Apostille in Italy

Hague’s convention apostille is the legitimization of public records so that they’re valid and legal in any of the countries that signed the convention.

The treaty was signed in 1961, at the International Conference of Private Rights, that took place in the city of Hague, in Holland, where it got its name from. Today a total of 115 countries have signed it, including the United states, all of the European Union and consequently Italy too.

For a document issued in Italy to be valid in other countries, the Apostille must be made in Italy, by the Prefettura.

We made the Apostille in italian documents in every Prefettura in Italy.

Shipping of Italian documents

The work is complete with the shipping of a copy of the documents anywhere in the World, at the address provided by the client, through international courier services (such as UPS and FedEx) that guarantees a prompt and safe delivery.


Some answers to frequent questions about services offered by La Mia Italia

What's the difference between genealogical research and document issuance?

The genealogical research phase takes place when we don’t have enough info to locate the records of your italian ancestors.
It’s common for the client to be able to locate the records of the country where their ancestors migrated to, but only to have mentioned “Italy” or even a province – which are made up of dozens of comuni. To pinpoint the exact comune where they were born, a genealogical research is necessary.

The work consists of many research hours, analyzing historical records, physical or digital in the italian main offices, to get to the comune information and the exact record date.
Now the issuance part happens when all the pertinent info is known, and a duplicate issuance request is made, submitted to and then collected in the italian comune or parrocchia.

La mia Italia offers both services.

Where do I start getting my italian citizenship recognized?

In order to successfully complete the process, we need to establish a bond between you and an italian ancestor. This ancestor’s dubbed “dante causa” since they’re the one passing on the right to italian citizenship to you.

It’s necessary to build the genealogical tree generation after generation, thus revealing the bond between you and the dante causa in order to authenticate the fact they’re passing onto you the right to italian citizenship

If you already have some information on your italian ancestor, all you need to get started is to grab a pen and a piece of paper.

In this piece of paper you’ll write down your name, your parent’s names, grandparent’s names, your great-grandparents names and so on – creating your italian lineage transmission line until you get to your italian ancestor who’s dante causa. With the names written down, the first draft is complete and from there we’ll start the research to uncover dates and places of birth, marriage and death of all the people in this line.

If you don’t know whether you have an italian ancestor or not, the first step is to inquire for any stories of someone coming from Italy to your country at some point with your parents, grandparents and older relatives. Once an italian ancestor is identified, we can now draft your tree and begin the discovery.

Now, if there’s absolutely no one that can help you identify the ancestor, we can reverse order and start by issuing your own birth certificate to find info about your parents and grandparents and begin our discovery journey from there.

After that we’ll request the death, marriage and birth certificates of the generations that came before you. Going back in time through the records you might find that your great-grandparent from your dad’s side was Italian by reading your grandparent’s marriage certificate for example.

How can La Mia Italia help?

La Mia Italia offers genealogical research and document issuance services in Italy. As soon as all documents and certificates and records for birth, marriage and death in your native country are located we can start with research and issuance of italian documents. We do not offer citizenship consulting through the court or administrative paths

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