Terms and Conditions

La Mia Italia established in this document a series of guidelines to be followed for optimal navigation experience, informing about the privacy policy, data safety and liabilities; as well as any pertaining user information. Any individual characterized as “user”, that enjoys La Mia Italia services’ must accept the general terms and conditions and all policies and principles that rule them.

By navigating La Mia Italia website the user fully accepts the established norms and pledges to observe them, under the threat of appropriate penalties. Before starting to navigate the website, the user must ensure to consult these terms and abide by them and any modifications.

In case of disagreement with any of the rules established in this document, the user must immediately cease usage and navigation of the website and services offered. It’s up to the user to get in touch with us through our customer support channels to get additional clarification.

The object

All those that wish to access the services offered through La Mia Italia website must get informed about the rules that compose the present document beforehand, that are readily available for consultation, described below in user’s duties and obligations.

User’s Duties and Obligations

Not to use La Mia Italia website for any malign purposes, criminal, harmful, illegal, offensive, slanderous, defamatory, disrespectful, and that doesn’t accurately represent the truth.

Not to send or transmit any type of data or information that induces, incites or results in discriminatory attitudes, violent messages, criminal or defamatory acts that goes against the morals and good manners of public order; that harass or invade people’s privacy, be coarse, blasphemous, sexualy explicit, obscene, racial or ethnically offensive; or, in any other form considered unacceptable for posing risks and image threat, material or moral of La Mia Italia, our employees, and any other of our collaborators and third-parties.

Not to use the same contracted advertisement to insert information and/or photos, or in any way make reference to other communication vehicles.

Not to alter, erase or corrupt third-party owed data and info

Not to send or transmit computer files infected with viruses, with destructive content, invasive or that causes permanent or temporary damage in the receiver’s neither La Mia Italia website equipment.

Be careful with your data and individual identification everytime you access the internet, informing them only in data-protected operations

Be liable for any type of information or affirmation created with your credentials (username and password)

Keep your credentials (username and password) secret.

Don’t violate any rights to patent, brand, industrial secret, copyright, any other property rights from any party, or configure any type of act or omissions that go against the current legislation and/or considered criminal activity, including but not limited to crimes against honor (injury, defamation and slander), crimes of unfair competition and other crimes listed in the law of Industrial Property (9.279/96) and the copyright law (9.610/98)


La Mia Italia team pledges to use all technical solutions available to allow 24/7 access to the service. However, we can at any moment interrupt, limit or suspend the access to the website, partially or not, for maintenance, updates and any other action deemed necessary for it’s perfect functioning. The current terms and general terms of use of buying and selling apply to all La Mia Italia website extensions in social media and other communities, present and future.


The services offered in La Mia Italia website can be only accessed by intellectually abled individuals as per brazilian Law. All those that cannot exercise their civil rights – non-emancipated people under 18 years, prodigals, regularly intoxicated or drug addicts and people unable to exercise or articulate their wish – temporarily or permanently – must be assisted by their legal representatives who will be liable for observing the present rules.

The website may have both open and restricted content areas. To access the restricted area it may be necessary to register in the website through the creation of a username and password, and informing registration data such as full legal name, address, email, document number, and so on. The user is liable for the truthfulness of all information and data provided, and is aware that any data inconsistency found may implicate their ability to fully access the website. All info submitted must be precise, truthful and up to date. In any case the user will respond in both civil and criminal scope for the truthfulness, exactness and authenticity of the provided data.

After subscription confirmation the user will have their personal credentials, used to login and access their La Mia Italia account. These credentials should be kept secret by the user, who’s totally liable for it’s safety and usage.

The user pledges to immediately inform the sitemaster about any suspicious and unexpected account activities.

The user might at any point request the exclusion of their La Mia Italia account, but La Mia Italia may have custody of information and data if legally imposed or requested to comply with a court order in any judicial or administrative trials and 3rd party inquire due users activities in the website

La Mia Italia team is only liable for the information that was directly disclosed by us. Any information or statements made in any social media or La Mia Italia communication channels such as social media comments will be entirely of the responsibility of those who made these observations.


All user sensitive data is stored in our servers. La Mia Italia takes all reasonable measures to maintain privacy and data safety, but isn’t responsible for any damage or data leak that might happen due to 3rd-party malicious actions

User Data

User data will be collected in two different paths: Through registration made by the user themselves and through navigation cookies. The user is aware and agrees with the storage, processing and use of the data sent and transmitted by the user in the terms established here.

Terms of use and data privacy policy
User data will be used for the following ends:
Develop, keep and improve the website’s resources and functionalities.
Analyze website performance, measure audience, verify browsing habits, observe statistics regarding website usage and navigation as well as safety
Allow for focused and customized content, that’s relevant and adequate for individual users – such as profile pages, updates and relevant announcements.
Allow communication between users and La Mia Italia, including email messages.

La Mia Italia website structure, as well as text, graphic elements and any media that composes it are property of the editor and are protected by international and brazilian copyright laws – being however merely illustrative and La Mia Italia cannot be held liable for imprecision, errors, fraud, or data divergence on advertisers media presented in the website. All media displayed in the website have title and copyright owned by La Mia Italia – or our clients, partners and/or suppliers – including brands, logos, products, systems, service denomination, programs, databases, images, files or data of any other species. The reproduction of any data or media without prior and proper authorization of the owner is explicitly prohibited.Any attempt at copying or distributing unauthorized content will be characterized as plagiarism, violating copyright and brand law and the perpetrator will be subject to judicial sanctions, without amends caused to La Mia Italia or any 3rd-party involved.

Cookies are files stored by your browser that allows to identify you in a navigation session.

When accessing La Mia Italia cookies will automatically collect, process, store and share your navigation info with partner companies, and will generate the following types of cookies

– Publicity Cookies: Allows to identify if a user have already seen a certain ad and when was the last time it was shown to them. It’s also used for segmented advertising (3rd-party) to only show ads that are relevant for that particular user

– Authentication Cookies: Allows to identify a user within the website, as to grant or deny access to areas within the website and it’s services, providing a customized navigation experience

– Security Cookies: Used to activate security resources within the website, aimed to help surveillance and detection of illicit activities or vetoed by the terms of use and privacy policy, as well as to protect user data from unauthorized 3rd party access


Data obtained through cookies are used to
Ensure navigation safety; make offers or show relevant information regarding your interests and needs; Research communication and marketing to polish our products and services as well as evaluating general statistics.

The user may at any time disable cookies through their browser settings. However in the deactivation of them the user is aware and acknowledges the website won’t perform to its maximum potential


Terms of use infraction
Users that violate the terms of use will be notified to cease & desist of irregular practice without any legal implications that given irregularity may cause, and is subject interruption in their contracted services at La Mia Italia discretion.


Customer service
For questions, suggestions, problems and navigation experience the user may contact customer service at fernanda@lamiaitalia.com.br


Legislation and forum
These terms of use and privacy policy are ruled by brazilian law. Any disagreement about any act within the website utilization scope by users and advertisers, including no-compliance with the terms of use and/or privacy policy, or copyright violation of La Mia Italia or any other users or 3rd-party, including intellectual property, secrecy and personal privacy will be judged in Sao Paulo county.