Nice to meet you, I'm Fernanda Zanini

I’m a professional researcher, and italian genealogical research expert.

Born in Brazil I fell in love with the subject while tracing the origin of my 8 great-grandparents and 16 italian great-great-grandparents.

I’m fascinated with Italy, where I currently live and founded the company specialized in genealogical research and issuance of documents “La Mia Italia”, that has already helped hundreds of families with italian ancestry to reconnect with their origins and build a new future through recognition of their italian citizenship.

Co-author of “Guia de Pesquisa Genealógica para Cidadania Italiana”
Founder of the Italian-Brazilian genealogical research group
Attended to “Formazione Professionale in Ricercatore di Documenti”
Spoke at RootsTech Connect promoted by FamilySearch

Passionate genealogical research student and regular event participant of the great italian migration, italian citizenship and paleography. Below are some of the courses attended:

  • “Esperienza” 2018/19
  • “Roots Tech London” 2019
  • Italian immigration course: “Dados Históricos e Competência em Pesquisa Genealógica” by Virginio Mantesso
  • Italian immigration course “História, Pesquisa e Cidadania” by Daniel Taddone, Henrique Trindade and Virginio Mantesso through São Paulo State Immigration Museum
  • Post-grad seminar “Perspectivas, Métodos e Fontes” Migratory Historian by through PUC-RS
  • “Breve Storia del Brasile Italiano” by Emilio Franzina, through Istituto Italiano di Cultura San Paolo
  • “FamilySearch Gerações” 2020
  • “Registros de Imigrantes: História, Fontes e Metodologia de Pesquisa” by Henrique Trindade, through São Paulo State Immigration Museum
  • “Genealogy week” through São Paulo State Immigration Museum
  • Guest speaker at “RootsTech Connect 2021” theme “Pesquisando antepassados italianos: conheça os registros disponíveis”

About my history and trajectory

In March 1872 Stefano Frediani was born in Pietrasanta and started a life journey that would lead all the way to me.

But for me to tell you this story we need to go over 150 years to the future.

In the beginning of 2018, after 17 years working in the communication field, I decided to take on a sabbatical and use it to get my italian citizenship recognized. While still in Brazil studying the discovery methodology, I was baffled by the story of the great italian migration to the Americas and got interested in genealogical research.

I sought formal education in the field, attended to many courses and workshops, including “Formazione Professionale in Ricercatore di Documenti” (Professional Formation in Document Research) by Fabio Barbiero and “Italian Immigration and Genealogical Component” from the incredible master Virginio Mantesso Neto.

Little did I know then that rescuing my past would be such a transformative event in my life and would reshape my whole future.

And so to facilitate such life-changing experiences to more people, I decided to create La Mia Italia: a company that specializes in genealogical research and italian document issuance, aimed towards getting recognition of italian citizenship to italian descendants.



by Fernanda Zanini